Content Management Comparison

Creating a successful website is now easier than ever due to the Content Management System (CMS). With CMS you can create and publish web content, present it to your audience, and archive it safely.

A CMS helps you:

  • keep your website well organized and comprehensive,
  • reduce the site maintenance costs,
  • increase your data security.

CMS engine is a multifunctional application. It is capable to create a powerful portal website in a matter of minutes and it has wide supporting community. The CMS portals offer intuitive administration and dispose of detailed tutorials. CMS consists of a content management application which enables the management and modification of content without advanced webmaster knowledge, and a content delivery application, that uses new information to update the website.

CMS template is a theme for your CMS-based website. It allows you to change the entire look of your site with a few clicks. No need to hire a designer and pay him hundreds of dollars. The template will make the process of changing your website look fast and easy.

General Information

Joomla WordPress Drupal
License * GPL GPL OSL 3.0
Cost * Free Free Free
Language * PHP PHP PHP
Data storage * MySQL MySQL MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server
Open source code * Yes Yes Yes
Package * Engine with built-in theme, theme separately, PHP, PSD, CSS, images, sample database Theme, PHP, CSS, PSD, images, sample database Theme, PHP, CSS, PSD, images, sample database
Skins system availability * Yes Yes Yes


Joomla WordPress Drupal
Captcha * Plugin Plugin Plugin
Content Approval Yes Yes Yes
Email Verification Yes Yes Yes
Authentication methods * LDAP, Custom LDAP, Custom LDAP (plugin), NTLM (plugin), Custom
SSL Compatible * Yes Yes Yes
Login History Yes Plugin Yes
Session Management * Yes Plugin Yes


Joomla WordPress Drupal
Drag & Drop Content No Yes No
Image Resizing Yes Yes Module
Multiple File Upload Yes Yes Module
Spellchecker Plugin Yes Module
WYSIWYG Editor * Yes Yes Module
Interface Localization Yes Yes Yes
Extensible User Profiles Yes Plugin Yes
Undo * Yes Plugin Yes


Joomla WordPress Drupal
Caching * Yes Plugin Yes
Load Balancing * Yes Yes Yes
Database Replication * No Yes Plugin
Multilingual Content Yes Plugin Yes
Multi-Site Deployment Plugin Plugin Yes
RSS (Content Syndication) * Yes Yes Yes


Joomla WordPress Drupal
Advertising Management Yes No Module
Content Scheduling Yes Limited Module
Inline Administration * Yes Plugin Yes
Sub-sites/Roots Yes Yes Yes
Themes/Templates Yes Yes Yes
Web Statistics * Yes Plugin Yes
Web-based Translation Management * Plugin Plugin Yes
Workflow Engine * No No Limited


Joomla WordPress Drupal
FTP Support Yes Plugin Limited
UTF-8 Support Yes Yes Yes
WebDAV Support * No No No
XHTML Compliant * Yes Yes Yes

Built-in Applications

Joomla WordPress Drupal
Blog Yes Yes Yes
Chat Plugin Plugin Module
Classifieds * Plugin Plugin Module
Contacts Management Yes Plugin Module
Forum (Discussion) Plugin Plugin Yes
Document Management Plugin Plugin Limited
Events Management Plugin No Module
FAQ Management Yes Plugin Yes
Graphs and Charts Plugin No No
Guest Book Plugin Plugin Module
Mail Form Yes Plugin Module
My Page/Dashboard Plugin Yes Module
Newsletter management Plugin Plugin Module
Search Engine Yes Yes Yes
Polls Yes Plugin Yes
Tests/Quizzes Plugin Plugin Module
Surveys Plugin Plugin Module
User Contributions Yes Yes Yes
Wiki Plugin Plugin Module
Shopping Cart Plugin Plugin Module

SEO Features

Joomla WordPress Drupal
Metadata * Yes Yes Yes
SEO Friendly URLs * Yes Yes Yes
Site Map * Plugin Plugin Module


Joomla WordPress Drupal
Certification Program * No Limited Limited
Code Skeletons * Plugin Yes Yes
Commercial Manuals * Yes Yes Yes
Commercial Support * Yes Yes Yes
Developer Community * Yes Yes Yes

Online Help *
Yes Yes Yes

Pluggable API *
Yes Yes Yes

Professional Hosting *
Yes Yes Yes

Professional Services *
Yes Yes Yes

Public Forum *
Yes Yes Yes

Third-Party Developers *
Yes Yes Yes

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